About Us

If you're a proud Coventry resident or simply love this unique city, then Etch & Pin is the perfect embodiment of Coventry's rich culture and deep history.

Our products celebrate the small things that make Coventry, OUR Coventry!

Etch & Pin is the brainchild of Aaron Ashmore, a Coventry businessman who has been championing the city since 2018 with various projects and products that celebrate its rich heritage.

Our range of products includes pin badges, artwork, a playing card game, and a Coventry Sticker Album. We also have a series of children's books that are fun, educational, and perfect for keeping the history of Coventry alive.

At Etch & Pin, we are committed to giving back to the community. We donate a percentage of every product sold, and to date, we have donated over £35,000 in proceeds and products to local charities, community groups, and schools.

Our pin badges are some of our most popular products including 'Peeping Tom,' 'It's a Batch,' and 'Coventry Cathedral'. 

Initially planned as a series of three badges, they proved so popular that they were developed into a new badge being released each month with £1 from every badge sold was donated to various Coventry charities

Our series of children's books is a fun and educational way to introduce young readers to the history and culture of Coventry. The first book in the series, 'Lady Godiva's Birthday Suit,' tells the story of Coventry's most famous resident and how she rode through the city naked to protest against the taxes imposed by her husband.

In addition to being available for purchase on our website, we have also donated over 7,000 copies of our books free of charge to over 100 Coventry primary schools. This has allowed us to reach over 25,000 children in the city, introducing them to the unique heritage of Coventry and inspiring a love for learning and reading.

We are proud to have had such a positive impact on the local community, and we look forward to continuing to celebrate Coventry's history and culture with our range of products and projects.

We are proud to have been awarded 'Role Model of the Year' in the Midlands Business and Charity Awards and 'Innovation in the Cultural Sector' at the Coventry Live Awards.

At Etch & Pin, we believe that the small things can make a big difference. That's why we're dedicated to celebrating Coventry's unique culture, history, and community. Join us in celebrating Coventry and all that it has to offer!