About Us

“The man almost singlehandedly driving Coventry’s merch!” - Trish Adudu, BBC Presenter 

“Etch & Pin is the ultimate embodiment of Coventry’s rich culture and deep history.” - HelloCov.co.uk 

Enjoyed your bacon batch this morning? Spent time stuck in traffic on the Ring Road? Our Coventry gifts look to celebrate the small things that make Coventry, OUR Coventry!

Etch & Pin is the work of Aaron Ashmore, a Coventry business man who since 2018 has been championing Coventry with various projects and products which celebrate the city.

Our products include a series of children's books, pin badges, artwork, a playing card game and the Coventry Sticker Album.

With a percentage of every product sold, we have so far donated over £22,000 of proceeds and products to local charities, community groups and schools.

The work led to Aaron recently being awarded 'Role Model of the Year' in the Midlands Business and Charity Awards. 

Etch & Pin first launched with a range of monthly pin badges including ‘Peeping Tom’, ‘It’s a Batch”, ‘Coventry Cathedral’ and ‘Sent to Cov’.

Initially planned as a series of three badges, they proved so popular that they were developed into a new badge being released each month. £1 from every badge sold was donated to various Coventry charities

Perhaps the most exciting of these projects came during the first lockdown with the release of our first children's book ‘Lady Godiva's Birthday Suit’ which looks to keep the legacy of Coventry's most famous export alive in a fun and interesting way.

We have since released two further books:

 - ’Coventry; The Phoenix City' which tells the story of the Coventry Blitz, the destruction and rebuilding of Coventry Cathedral and why Coventry and the Phoenix are so closely linked!

- ‘Meet the Coventry Kids’, our look into the lives of a dozen Coventry figures including Frank Whittle, James Starley, The Specials and Guz Khan.

We hear daily of family trips to visit Lady Godiva and the Cathedral inspired by the books and I am receiving feedback from teachers and parents who have bought the book who tell me of the impact it is making to small children.

We have given over 2,000 copies of our books free of charge to over 100 Coventry primary schools reaching over 25,000 children in the city.

The reception to Etch & Pin has been exceptional over the past couple of years and we look forward to celebrating the city in new and exciting ways going forward!