The Etch & Pin charity support fund

Our Coventry Live Business award win at the weekend was great but it reinforces that a commitment to supporting our Coventry community is at the heart of what we do.

In celebration of our win, we are putting up £1000 of our own money to help the day-to-day lives of our local charities and causes!

Rather than giving money itself, we want to buy equipment or products that will make a difference to you. This could be machinery, stationery, uniform or anything that would support you to support other people.

Simply email, telling us what would make your life easier, send us the link to where we can order it and if chosen, we’ll buy it for you and arrange for it to be delivered!

There are three levels of donation that you can request:

  • £0-£50
  • £50-£200
  • £200+

There’s no catch!

I want to support as many charities as possible so applications of a smaller amount are more likely to be granted. 

I’m expecting a lot of interest so please don’t be disappointed if you aren’t ultimately chosen.

Registered charities will be prioritised however we will consider applications from Coventry not-for-profit organisations.