Etch & Pin launches new board game 'Guess the Coventry Kids’

Etch & Pin, a Coventry-based company specialising in creating unique and engaging souvenirs celebrating the city, has announced the launch of their new board game, 'Guess the Coventry Kids’. 

Etch & Pin founder, Aaron Ashmore said: “The game is a fun and educational way to learn about Coventry's history and culture while having a great time with friends and family.”

The game features a collection of 20 iconic figures from Coventry's history, from Lady Godiva to Frank Whittle, and even modern-day legends like Gus Khan and John ‘JD’ Dalziel. 

With playing cards featuring vibrant imagery from illustrator Jessica Harvey, players will have to use their deduction skills to guess who is hidden behind the mystery cards, by asking yes or no questions.

"We wanted to create something that was not only fun to play but also educational and informative," said Aaron. "Coventry is a city rich in history and culture, and we wanted to showcase that in a way that everyone could enjoy.”

In addition to being a fun way to learn about Coventry's history, ‘Guess the Coventry Kids’ also gives back to the community with Etch & Pin donating 10% of all sales to Coventry Foodbank, a local charity that provides emergency food to those in need.

The game has already garnered positive feedback from early reviewers, Aaron’s sons Oscar and Caleb who have praised its engaging gameplay and educational value. “We think the game is fun way to learn about Coventry's history while having fun with friends and your family.” said Oscar, 8.

Etch & Pin has released a number of Coventry products since 2018 including a range of Coventry-inspired pin badges and the Coventry Sticker Album plus a series of books which include ‘Lady Godiva’s Birthday Suit’, ‘Coventry The Phoenix City’ and ‘The Time Travelling Coventry Taxi’.

‘Guess the Coventry Kids’ is available for purchase on the Etch & Pin website ( and select retailers across Coventry including The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum.