Meet even more Coventry kids with our new children’s book

The latest in a series of Coventry children’s books has been released which looks to celebrate individuals from the city and their amazing achievements.
Coventry author, Aaron Ashmore has released ‘Meet More Coventry Kids’ which follows his previous books which include ‘Lady Godiva’s Birthday Suit’, ‘Coventry The Phoenix City’ and ‘The Time Travelling Coventry Taxi’.
Aaron said: “Choosing 12 Coventry icons last year for my 'Meet the Coventry Kids' book was so tricky as our city has produced so many talented individuals so I decided to write another one, hence 'Meet More Coventry Kids'.”
From radio presenters to marathon runners, England football players to Olympic judo medal winners, the new book tells the stories of 12 of famous Coventrians including John JD Dalziel, Delia Derbyshire, Pauline Black and Jerry Dammers!
Aaron said: “The first Meet the Coventry Kids book has proven especially popular in schools where teachers tell me that our local children love to hear about people who have come from the city. 
“Being able to show the city’s young people that people from Coventry have had fantastic careers and achieved amazing feats is inspiring for them to hear.”
Aaron has teamed up with Jessica Harvey, who once again brought Aaron’s Cov Kids to life with vibrant hand-drawn illustrations.
As with all of his products, Aaron is supporting the local community with 1,000 copies of 'Meet More Coventry Kids' heading to Coventry primary schools plus providing books for Positive Youth Foundation who aim to raise the aspirations and life chances of Coventry young people who are facing challenging circumstances.