Father and Son Duo Unveils Time Travelling Sequel

Aaron and Oscar Ashmore, the dynamic Coventry father and son writing team, are thrilled to announce the release of their latest children's book, 'The Time Travelling Coventry Taxi: Leofric's Revenge'. 

Following the success of their previous book in the Time Travelling Coventry Taxi series, the duo continues to enchant young readers with an imaginative tale that explores the rich history of Coventry.

In 'The Time Travelling Coventry Taxi: Leofric's Revenge', Aaron Ashmore, aged 39, and his 9-year-old son Oscar Ashmore, once again join forces to weave a story that takes readers on a journey through time meeting famous historic Coventry figures including Delia Derbyshire, Ira Aldridge and Muriel Hind.

Building on the success of their previous works, including 'Lady Godiva’s Birthday Suit' and 'Meet the Coventry Kids', Aaron and Oscar continue their mission to bring Coventry's history to life for young audiences. 

Aaron Ashmore shared, "Collaborating with Oscar on these books has been an incredible journey. 'Leofric's Revenge' allowed us to delve even deeper into Coventry's history, and working side by side has been a rewarding experience that has brought us even closer together."

Oscar Ashmore added, "Writing this book with my Dad has been so much fun. I loved imagining the adventures, and I can't wait for readers to join us in our latest journey through time. It's awesome to see our ideas become a real book!"

In 'The Time Travelling Coventry Taxi: Leofric's Revenge', the dynamic duo's protagonists, Oscar and his resourceful brother Caleb, stumble upon the enigmatic Time Travelling Taxi once more. An inadvertent twist of fate hurls them into the heart of Coventry's past, present, and future, where they grapple with the consequences of Leofric's actions in an altered timeline. With their characteristic blend of courage and curiosity, the boys embark on a thrilling mission to restore the city's history to its rightful course.

Illustrated by the talented local artist Lizzie Ryan, the book comes to life with captivating hand-drawn imagery that vividly captures the essence of Coventry's historic landmarks and vibrant atmosphere.

As part of his commitment to fostering education and community engagement in the city, Aaron has donated over 8,000 copies of his Coventry books to local primary schools. In collaboration with Coventry Building Society, 1,000 copies of 'The Time Travelling Coventry Taxi: Leofric's Revenge' will be distributed to schools, enabling even more young minds to embark on this literary journey through time.

'The Time Travelling Coventry Taxi: Leofric's Revenge' is available for purchase at etchandpin.co.uk/books, inviting readers of all ages to immerse themselves in an enthralling adventure that celebrates the rich heritage of Coventry while igniting the imagination.