Etch & Pin loves World Book Day

It’s World Book Day today - a day which is now an unexpectedly special day in the calendar in the Ashmore house!
In the middle of lockdown #1, I had the idea of releasing a book about Lady Godiva to help share the story of Coventry’s biggest icon with the young people in the city and I could never have predicted how my life would have changed!
With seven books released to date (three more in the pipeline), 7,000 books donated to our schools free of charge, written a book with my son, over 80 talks in schools, book signings, awards, judging writing competitions, panel discussions, I’m fortunate to be involved in so many cool projects with reading and writing at the centre!
I’m looking forward to three school talks today and then the award ceremony for the Young Writer of the Year competition with Coventry Building Society at Coventry Building Society Arena later this afternoon!