Could you be our next children's book illustrator?

I’ve been hugely fortunate to work with some amazing illustrators as part of my Coventry series of children’s books (including some still to be announced who I’ve worked/been working with on future books) however I want to make sure that every creative Coventrian has the opportunity to put their name forward to provide illustrations for one of my books.
I don’t currently have an illustrator identified for the 10th (and final) book in my series and, rather than me proactively contacting illustrators who have caught me eye, I want to hear from illustrators who would like their work to potentially be featured in a book!
The work is paid, is open to anyone living in Coventry (or very close to), all styles are welcome and will result in their work being published and stocked in retail spaces including Waterstones!
If you are interested or would like further info, drop me a message or email!
I’m expecting a lot of interest so please don’t be disappointed if I don’t end up commissioning you for the project - it certainly won’t be a reflection of the quality of your work!