Celebrating Lady Godiva with our new children’s book.

Introducing “Lady Godiva’s Birthday Suit” - my brand new children’s book!

Early in lockdown, I challenged myself to start and complete a brand new project as a way to manage the uncertainty of the current situation and I am over-the-moon with the result!

The book can be bought right now over on etchandpin.co.uk/godivabook

The book is 28 pages and is aimed at five to eight-year-olds but is for everyone to enjoy!

Lady Godiva is Coventry’s best-known icon and telling the story to a younger audience who may be aware of the statue, but not necessarily the story behind it, is vital to keep her legacy alive.

I worked with the amazing local illustrator, Oliver Emery, who helped to bring the story of ‘Lady Godiva’s Birthday Suit’ to life with hand-drawn imagery. Be sure to check out his Instagram page for more of his work: instagram.com/eliveromery

As with all of our products, we are partnering with a Coventry charity with £1 from every book sold online
donated to HOPE 4 The Community - UK who empower people to manage their health and wellbeing, including a new online course for parents of autistic children.