Celebrating the city with stickers in The Coventry Sticker Album

A Coventry business is looking to celebrate the city’s landmarks, businesses and attractions with the launch of the Coventry Sticker Album.

Aaron Ashmore, owner of Etch & Pin, believes the Sticker Album is a fun way of showing the world how much history and culture Coventry has.

The 35-year-old said: “I'm sure many of you collected stickers when you were younger but may have stopped as you grew older.

“This is your chance to reconnect with your youth and remember the satisfaction of completing a sticker book whilst celebrating the city of Coventry at the same time.”

The Sticker Album brings together 100 stickers of different landmarks and attractions from across the city over 28 pages. These will be released across 11 sticker packs which are being released over the course of the next 12 months. At the end of the year, your Sticker Album will be complete.

Aaron said: “A recent study found that it costs over £700 to complete the average sticker book - ours costs a small fraction of that and is just as satisfying to complete.

“The project has been a huge task to complete however it’s impossible not to be proud when sticking the stickers in the book and seeing the completed version!”

The Sticker Album also includes a pull-out poster of Coventry’s Skyline that has spaces for seven special, eye-catching ‘shinies’ that will be randomly dropped into packs across the year!

Etch & Pin are also responsible for a series of Coventry pin badges that have been released monthly since July 2018 which celebrates landmarks such as Coventry Ring Road, Lady Godiva and Coventry Cathedral.

Aaron said: “Ever since we released the badges, people have been asking us what is next! We think the Sticker Album is the perfect companion to our pin badges and we can’t wait to see people’s reaction to it.”

Check out www.etchandpin.co.uk/stickers to find out more and to order your Sticker Album.