Teaming up with Zero Store for a special pin badge!

It has been amazing to team up with Zero Store who commissioned us to create them a pin badge that they can use as a membership card entitling supporters to a 10% discount!

Check out details of their crowdfunding below - an exceptionally worthy venture!

"Good morning! ☀️ *deep breath*. Ok...going for it! 🏅

I’d worked with the amazing Coventry @etchandpin to create these Zero enamel pin badges. 😎 Then, an idea!💡 What better use for them than instead of a paper/plastic membership card?!

We know there are lots of you local to Leamington who show your loyalty by coming to Zero random pop up events. Now everything will be in one place and convenient! 🎉 Zero membership will mean a 10% discount on your dried goods and cleaning refills, for ONE WHOLE YEAR. This is launching as part of the Crowdfunder, where if 50% of the target is reached, the other half can be matched by the NatWest ‘Back her Business’ Programme, which supports female entrepreneurs in new projects.

It’s worth a try and although the shop WILL open regardless it will mean better products and equipment right away.

Everything we have already spent plus what we want to spend the fund on is detailed on the page (late night last night 😴). I shall post the link later when it goes live, and hopefully you’ll agree the rewards are great!

It will only run for 2 WEEKS, as the shop is due to open soon and I don’t have the heart to spam people for 4. 😂 Any questions or comments please do get in touch, feedback is very welcome.

Thanks again for all your kind messages, comments and offers of help over the weekend. It means so much to me knowing there are people wanting to support and cheering this project on. ❤️