A story about the Coventry Coat of Arms!

The symbol of the Phoenix has been associated with Coventry for many years and, following the release of our new badge, we set out to find out why the symbol was so heavily linked to the city and in particular, why a mythical creature featured on the historical Coventry Coat of Arms.

Tayzia, owner of @fantayziadesigns at @fargovillagecov, contacted us to say that her grandad, Reginald Trotter, was the person who first suggested the Phoenix be added to the city’s crest.

In 1957, Reginald proposed that Coventry’s Coat of Arms be changed to symbolise the new Coventry - particularly the addition of a Phoenix to depict the resurgence of the city after the devastation of World War 2.

Tayzia told us: “It took two years for the proposal to go through and he helped work on the design too. The Phoenix was to represent the new Coventry, reborn out of the ashes of the old, and it was the first time a Phoenix had been used in that way.”

Reginald was presented with an Address of Appreciation by the Lord Mayor on behalf of the citizens of Coventry for his suggestion after the Arms were signed and delivered in February 1959.

Tayzia also said “I’ve been a fan of Aaron’s badges since the first one was released and it was lovely to see a badge featuring the Phoenix - especially as it is a big part of my family’s history.”

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