A festive team up for a magical Vintage Sleigh Ride gift

Coventry author, Aaron Ashmore, is teaming up with the famous Coventry Sleigh Ride to bring a special gift to children this festive season.

His new festive book, “Help! Santa’s Sleigh Has Broken,” will be given to young visitors of the Coventry Sleigh Ride at Coventry Transport Museum this Christmas.

Aaron Ashmore, a proud Coventry resident, has made it his mission to foster pride and awareness of the city among its young people. To date, he has donated 9,000 copies of his Coventry-themed books to the city’s primary schools, ensuring that local children have the opportunity to connect with their city’s rich history and traditions.

In his latest tale, “Help! Santa’s Sleigh Has Broken,” Aaron invites readers of all ages to join him on a magical journey through Coventry during the most wonderful time of the year. The story unfolds on a Christmas Eve where disaster strikes as Santa’s sleigh breaks down while flying over the city. With presents and the joy of Christmas at stake, two helpful elves must rise to the occasion and save the day. The story is filled with humour, excitement, and a sense of togetherness, capturing the spirit of the festive season and the magic of Coventry.

The Coventry Sleigh Ride at Coventry Transport Museum has been a cherished tradition for generations, bringing joy to families and friends during the winter season since 1956. Aaron’s book will be available for children who visit the Sleigh Ride this festive period, further enhancing the magic and wonder of this beloved Coventry tradition.

Aaron shared his excitement about the collaboration, saying, “I can vividly remember the Coventry Sleigh Ride from when I was younger, and the magic still remains to this day.

“Teaming up with the Transport Museum for this new book has been an honour, and I’m looking forward to the young people of the city finding out about the secret behind the Coventry Sleigh Ride.”

CV Life Operations Manager Kath Healion said: “We’re delighted to be teaming up with Aaron – his Coventry books have become so popular and we’re delighted a story about the Sleigh Ride has been added to his canon.

“The Sleigh is truly a part of Coventry’s festive fabric – each Christmas it delights children and adults alike so I’m thrilled that this year we will be able to give people such a lovely Coventry Christmas keepsake.

“But we really love the idea of keeping the book a secret from the children until they receive it to try and enhance the magic of it. So parents – keep it to yourselves!”

For more information about Aaron Ashmore and his Coventry-themed books, please visit www.etchandpin.co.uk/books.  

To experience the Coventry Sleigh Ride and receive a copy of “Help! Santa’s Sleigh Has Broken,” be sure to visit Coventry Transport Museum this holiday season with tickets available to book here.