30 unique Stone Godiva statues honouring Coventry's iconic figure unveiled

Coventry-based company Etch & Pin has released the Stone Godiva’s, a series of 30 unique Lady Godiva statues celebrating the city's most famous iconic figure.
Created in collaboration with artist Sara Prinsloo and designer Jess Harvey, these limited edition Stone Godiva statues represent a fusion of vibrant colours, artistic expression, and the enduring spirit of Lady Godiva.
Aaron Ashmore, founder of Etch & Pin, expressed his pride in introducing these statues as the latest addition to their diverse range of Coventry-inspired products. The statues, just like the children's book 'Lady Godiva's Birthday Suit' and the iconic Lady Godiva pin badge, honour the legendary figure of Lady Godiva and the rich history of Coventry.
"These unique pieces not only capture the essence of Lady Godiva's legacy but also showcase the incredible talent and creativity of the artists involved," said Aaron Ashmore.
Each statue has been individually designed and sculpted by artist Sara Prinsloo, showcasing a distinct blend of creativity and craftsmanship. To help make the Stone Godiva’s feel distinct to one another, Aaron also teamed up with designer Jess Harvey who lends her talent to create unique and eye-catching packaging for each limited edition Stone Godiva statue.
Aaron said: “With their limited availability and distinctive qualities, I really hope that the statues captivate art enthusiasts, collectors, and general fans of Coventry alike.”
Etch & Pin has a history of releasing Coventry-inspired products, including a range of pin badges and the Coventry Sticker Album, along with the book series featuring 'Lady Godiva's Birthday Suit,' 'Coventry The Phoenix City,' and 'The Time Travelling Coventry Taxi.'
Etch & Pin is committed to supporting local charities and causes. With every sale of a Stone Godiva statue, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the JustGiving page that raises funds for the labour and neonatal wards at UHCW in memory of Eoin Doogue-Johnson.
The limited edition Lady Godiva statues are exclusively available for purchase on the Etch & Pin website at www.etchandpin.co.uk/StoneGodivas.